Our Olde World Aging process invigorates our current line of furniture, revealing facets that normally take a hundred years to create.

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You may order A, B, or C level Olde World Aging on any of our standard woods. Select any of the stain colors that are standard on those woods or one of the Opaque Premium colors that are approved for other woods (see the Olde World samples at your local dealer). Example, you could ask us for level “A” Olde World Aging on Soft Maple with Bourbon stain and no wax. You would just need to add 25% to the soft maple price for that item. Our Olde World samples are all made of Character Cherry, which we feel is best suited for the technique because of the natural character it offers including open knots, small cracks, and other “imperfections” that help us mimic natural aging. Some of the Olde World colors are only available on character cherry or premium grade cherry. See the back of the sample.

This multi-step process is created using many different techniques to create the following traits:

  • uneven surfaces
  • the appearance of worm holes and cracks
  • dents and time worn edges
  • aged feel to the finish

All Olde World levels are available with our unique wax option. When requested we will wax the item, using a power buffer to buff off all the excess wax leaving a special aged feel to the finish. Please note this wax process doesn’t add additional protection to the furniture and finish, it’s all about the feel.

All up-charges are to be added to the base price of the item, in the wood of your choice. You don’t need to add the markup to any additional options. Each stain color we offer in the appropriate wood is included in the Olde World options. So, even if the color you choose is a premium color you will only be charged the Olde World Aging fee.


Each piece of Simply Amish furniture ordered with Olde World Aging is crafted to the same standard of excellence as all the rest of our furniture. This ensures that your furniture is crafted with the same attention to detail that we have become known for.

Once the piece of furniture is completed, our craftsmen determine best way to age it by looking at:

  • what characteristics of the wood should be enhanced
  • what edges would receive the most wear over time

At this point the hard work begins. If the piece of furniture is getting the full level of distressing, then the surfaces are hand-plained, sanded, dings are added, edges are softened, and then sanded again. This process is repeated until the desired effect is achieved.

Once the distressing has been completed, the furniture undergoes several steps to achieve a desired color and finish that will stand the test of time.

The entire process creates a piece of furniture that appears to have been around for generations.


Step 1: Contact Barstools and Dinettes and select the desired color from the Olde World wood samples.

Step 2: Refer to the chart below and select the desired distressing level.

Step 3: Determine if waxing is to be included. Add 1 to include wax; 2 for no wax.
(Waxing adds an aged feel to the piece.)

Step 4: Add the upcharge percentage to determine the total price of the desired piece of furniture.

A level example “A” LEVEL AGING
“A” level aging includes hand planing, which creates an uneven surface and various other textures unique to each piece of wood adding remarkable character, worm holes, faux cracks, tasteful dents, and time worn edges.

“A” level upcharges     No Wax (A2) add 25%     With wax and buffing (A1) add 30%
B level example “B” LEVEL AGING
“B” level aging is a less obtrusive aging process. Level B includes all of level A with the exception of hand planing. The surface remains level, but the process still features worm holes, faux cracks, tasteful dents and time worn edges.

“B” level upcharges      No Wax (B2) add 20%      With wax and buffing (B1) add 25%
C level example “C” LEVEL AGING
“C” level aging consists only of a few time worn edges, and on the appropriate opaque colors will also feature our “rub through” which mimics an older finish showing through the paint in the age worn areas of each item.

“C” level upcharges      No Wax (C2) add 15%      With wax and buffing (C1) add 20%
D level example “D” LEVEL
“D” level is really just the premium color seen on the Olde World samples. With the exception of the glaze we add to the base color, there is no other aging process applied to the furniture on this level. Some colors are only available on Cherry or Character Cherry and others are available on all woods. Please refer to each sample to see if your color choice is available on your wood of choice.

“D” level upcharges      No Wax (D2) add 10%      With wax and buffing (D1) add 15%