There are a few chances to catch our heirloom quality furniture at a discounted price.  For example, when our products are no longer manufactured by the craftsmen, but we still carry the floor models and inventory within our showroom, we will discount these items to make room for new inventory.  This furniture is in great condition but because it sat in the showroom, we need to discount it and get rid of it!  Another opportunity is when customers place custom orders and for some reason, they decide to order something else instead.  This may be because they were expected a specific shade of purple and the purple they got did not match what they were expecting.  In this case, custom ordered products are sitting in our showroom.  These custom products are discounted, and ready to go!We announce when products have been discontinued.  If you are a subscriber, you get these notifications.  Stay in the loop to know when a great opportunity may be a great fit for your dining needs.

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