Canadel is one of the largest dining room furniture manufacturers in North America,  founded in 1982 near Montreal Canada.  Canadel is inspired by Innovation and performance  with ideals of quality and affordable. Canadel manufacturers a remarkable finish on their products at an outstanding value. Canadel constantly broadens its range of options to stay on top of the home furnishings market trends.  Specialty Custom Products are: Stools, Tables, Chairs

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Downtown  (Dining collection )                                                                        Eastside  (Dining collection )

Loft  (Living & Dining collection )                                                                       Gourmet (Dining collection )

Champlain (Living & Dining Collection)                                                            Canadel  (Living & Dining Collection

Udesign is the Barstools Custom Designing Site offered by Canadel.

  • 30 vans are shipped each week
  • 1,150 chairs made by Canadel daily
  • 200 tables made by Canadel daily
  • 4-6 weeks shipping delay

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Showing all 63 results