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Nordic Style

Characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, our Nordic bar stools bring in five countries of styles into your home: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark.

Nordic (or Scandinavian) furniture design sets out to make everything in the room serve in harmony.

Long-Lasting Nordic Bar Stools

Scandinavians’ philosophy is also to make things last rather than be replaced and that’s what we’re all about here — giving you furniture that lasts for decades. Our Nordic bar stools are no exception!

Scandinavian interiors work at balancing design elements and nature. You’ll see a lot of wood, abstract shapes and natural shapes.

Look at our Carson stool to incorporate some wood.

While the backrest on the Hans stool is abstract in nature.

Overall, Nordic design epitomizes easy living, high functionality, and timeless appeal. If that’s you, then you’re right at home.

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French Country Style

French Country bar and counter stools are very popular for a reason — they give your room a soft and welcoming appeal with a sense of old world style.

What conveys “French Country” style?

This style of furniture is known for its beautiful woods, including: walnut, olive, pear, and cherry. Select metals are mixed with these woods, especially wrought iron.

These pieces enhance a room’s metal accessories, such as wrought iron wall hangings and ornate light fixtures. Furniture with this classic style is at home with many types of decor, including contemporary, country, and oriental settings.

What are the features of French Country stools?

French Country bar stool designs feature ornate curves that draw the eye and create a sense of romance. The legs of the stools tend to be curved and flared.

They can also be made with distressed wood, distressed metal or a combination of the two.

Wood stools often have straight legs and a curved design on the back, achieved through fine metalwork accents paired with wood. The combination of metal and wood creates an intriguing two-tone look.

Metal is often finished with a weathered, antiqued look. This is achieved by painting a base layer of gold or silver, and then rubbing it with another color such as black or dark brown. The metal elements of our French Country barstools are powder coated, which is a long-lasting finish that doesn’t chip or wear off easily.

How to Decorate with French Country Furniture

If you have stainless appliances in the room and you’d like to highlight the color of the stainless steel, choose a metal French Country stool with a nickel finish.

If you’d like to highlight brown flecks in your stone countertop, add a brown rub to the nickel.

Other popular color combinations are listed below:

BaseRubIdeal pairing/design highlight
NickelBlackStainless steel appliances
BlackGoldGold fixtures or hardware
BrownGoldWood cabinets, gold hardware
GoldBlackBlack wood
BrownBlackLight wood

These are just a few ways to customize your french country bar stools. On each stool page you can browse plenty more options.

If you have a lot of wood in your kitchen or home bar, you can balance the wood with the metal of a french country stool. For instance, if your cabinets and floor are wood, then break up the room with metal-frame or metal-accent stools. They give your room depth and interest, and also brighten the space and add color!

French Country Chairs Pair Beautifully with Traditional Kitchens

French Country stools add flair to traditional kitchens.

Our in-house designer Deborah designed a traditional kitchen with maple raised-panel cabinets, stainless appliances, a hardwood floor, and a white island with a white and gold speckled countertop. She chose to place four Carrie stools around the island, finished in nickel with a white seat. Her client said, “It’s gorgeous!”

You can add french country furniture to contemporary or traditional rooms and they almost always look great. You can add pieces big or small – an entire bar, a set of counter stools, or just wall hangings and small accessories.

Brands for Heavy-Duty French Country Seating

You’ll find french country bar or counter stools in our Amisco and Trica collections. Look for stools with curly, ornate designs and remember — you’re only limited by your imagination!

Want free design advice?

Send us a picture of your kitchen or home bar and we will gladly help you choose the perfect colors and styles!

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Beach Style

A beach house design is a style that gives a light and colorful appeal. It mimics the blue and green shades of the ocean, sandy beach tones and coral hues that resonate a beach-like atmosphere. viagra next day delivery uk mcgraw hill homework help fax cover letterВ who manufactures viagra source compare and contrast essay samples for college essay money can t buy happiness computer ethics essay go to link forming a business plan viagra au professional letter writer sites for college pequeг±a dosis de viagra orlistat ordering teacher best essay thesis chapter 4 teenage pregnancy how to write script for procomm here click here essay about soccer cover letter for technical writer position thesis for love at first sight here libresource viagra shop online free trial viagra levitra an essay of human understanding criminology thesis What kind of setting is best suited to this style? Living areas that let in natural light. Woods are commonly light colored such as greys, white and whitewash. They are popular as they resemble natural colors of driftwood.

Challenges of this design: Finding the right shade of each color. Greys, whites and soft greens are the basic colors to start. Essentially, pastel tones are preferred. Avoid heavy, dark colors. Striped patterns, florals and bright solid colors are commonly used in beach decor.

Easy ways to make this design happen: You can always accessorize around the rooms with coral, aqua, yellow and light blue colors with throw pillows, wall hangings, centerpieces, area rugs — even a basket of seashells).

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Industrial Style

Industrial Bar Stools

Inspired by old factories and industrial spaces, these industrial bar stools add the perfect chic style you’re looking to add to your loft or kitchen. 

Industrial Style is a Growing Trend

If the thought of exposed pipes, stainless steel appliances and mixing wood with metal sound like your cup of tea, then you will love these industrial styled stools! This style is growing in popularity in kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants and even in entire homes across the world.

Metal Industrial Barstools

Majority of these stools incorporate a mix of wood and metal materials, which can create a rustic and inviting feeling to the space. While, some stools only incorporate a metal frame with a fabric or vinyl upholstery. And some stools have a hammered look on the backrest which adds to the industrial style. 

Available with a Backrest or Without

A backrest is great for back support if you’re sitting on the stool for a long period of time. From high backrests to low backrests, we have it. We also have a variety of different back styles including a cross back design, a bean-shaped back, a ladder back design and a mission back design.  

Available in Counter Height or Bar Height

Need a 26-inch counter height stool or for a bar? No problem! We have these here. Some can even come in 34-inch spectator height. 

Available in a Variety of Colors

These made-to-order barstools are available in so many colors and combinations!

  • Make your kitchen different than any other on the street and choose from a variety of different wood stains, metal finishes, fabric colors and vinyl colors.
  • Want a black industrial stool? No problem.
  • How about a bronze color? We have that too.
  • Black, gray, all shades of browns, white, and more. 

Great in Kitchens, Offices, Game Rooms & Man Caves

Bring old-fashioned factory charm to your kitchen, office, game room and man cave. Edgy, yet exquisite. Classy, yet rustic. A sure home run for any industrial style kitchen.

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16 Best-Looking Modern-Style Kitchen Barstools | Kitchen Designs
  • Boudoir: Sensual, stirring designs with quiet strength
  • Countryside: Updated traditional styles for any home
  • Eco: Calming modern style for any home
  • Farmhouse: Serene offering a historic, farm style
  • Industrial: Hardworking, functional wood-and-steel with timeless style
  • New York: Sophisticated, uncompromising designs
  • Nordic: Simple, minimal with high-function
  • Urban: Clean, classic modern style
  • Beach

A beach house design is a style that gives a light and colorful appeal. It mimics the blue and green shades of the ocean, sandy beach tones and coral hues that resonate a beach-like atmosphere.

What kind of setting is best suited to this style? Living areas that let in natural light. Woods are commonly light colored such as greys, white and whitewash. They are popular as they resemble natural colors of driftwood.

Challenges of this design: Finding the right shade of each color. Greys, whites and soft greens are the basic colors to start. Essentially, pastel tones are preferred. Avoid heavy, dark colors. Striped patterns, florals and bright solid colors are commonly used in beach decor.

Easy ways to make this design happen: You can always accessorize around the rooms with coral, aqua, yellow and light blue colors with throw pillows, wall hangings, centerpieces, area rugs — even a basket of seashells).

  • Country If you love that bed-and-breakfast style feeling you experience, that inviting special vacation retreat and comfortable feeling, then you’ll love the farmhouse design trend that’s growing in popularity today! These stools will compliment this style and are just as hardworking as the farmers who inspired this design trend.
  • Farmhouse
  • French Country bar and counter stools are very popular for a reason — they give your room a soft and welcoming appeal with a sense of old world style.
  • Industrial by old factories and industrial spaces, these industrial bar stools add the perfect chic style you’re looking to add to your loft or kitchen
  • Mediterranean
  • Modern bar stools feature clean lines without ornate decorative curves, a minimal look. Whether bold or subdued, every modern stool we offer has been tested to make sure it’s comfy to sit in. We don’t stock any stools that aren’t comfortable!
  • Nordic
  • Retro
  • Traditional
  • Victorian

Will the stool’s arms fit under your counter?

We have height measurements for nearly all of our stools with arms. Use these measurements to make sure a stool’s arms will fit under your counter, or else the stools might butt up against your countertop and you won’t be able to tuck in.

Most of our stools with arms fit under standard counter overhangs, but it’s important to double check if you’re thinking about a stool with arms.

Product Page with Arm Dimensions

Does your counter have an underhang?

Most counters that are made for stools will have nothing beneath the counter, in order to give you the most space for pulling up a stool.

You should take special care with counters like the one on the right, with “underhangs” below the counter. Sometimes these counters weren’t made with stools in mind.

Kitchen Overhang and UnderhangOverhang (left), Underhang (right)

Will you use the stool in more than one place?

Adjustable Height Bar Stool

If you plan to move the stool between different height counters, we recommend an adjustable height stool. Adjustable stools are also great if you’re very concerned with ergonomics and want to get the perfect height.

Consider chair and vanity height stools for low surfaces.

Vanity Height

Chair and vanity-height stools have a seat height of approximately 17-inch. These low height stools are perfect for your desk or vanity table. 

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Farmhouse Furniture Features

farmhouse-furniture at Barstools & Dinettes
farmhouse-furniture at Barstools & Dinettes

Classic Farmhouse vs. Modern Farmhouse

There’s something enduring and warm-hearted about farmhouse style. Classic farmhouse has stood the test of time and evolved into today’s modern farmhouse style, which is welcoming, comfortable and timelessly fresh.

Origins of Farmhouse Style

Whether it’s called classic, vintage, rustic or traditional, farmhouse style has a historic place in America and is one Barstools & Dinette’s favroite styles. Drawing from the farm homes of early settlers, this style mimics the look and feel of days past. It incorporates the simplified, minimalistic décor molded by the surroundings of farmhouse residents and their need for sturdy, practical furnishings.

Characteristics of Classic Farmhouse Style

Classic farmhouse style has trademark elements that echo farm homesteads:

Natural wood accents:

Wood was abundant and, therefore, the natural building material. Farm homes usually had panelled wood walls, wide-plank floors and exposed wood beams. Today’s classic farmhouse style often uses barn board for accent panelling and butcher block for countertops.

Apron sinks:

Nothing says farmhouse like a kitchen apron sink. In a classic farmhouse, this sink is usually porcelain.

Vintage furniture and accessories:

An easy way to decorate in classic farmhouse style is to use vintage furnishings. It’s best if they’re not in perfect condition and they could even have weathered finishes. Vintage-inspired lighting looks ideal in a classic farmhouse.

Traditional fabrics:

Decorating fabrics lean toward floral and paisley, and slipcovers give vintage furniture a second life and is perfect for mix and matching.

How Modern Farmhouse Is Different

farmhouse furniture at barstools and dinettes
Modern Farmhouse Furntiure

Modern farmhouse design takes the comfortable, relaxed farmhouse style and adds modern touches such as smooth lines, glossy accents and neutral color schemes. It’s less rustic, more sophisticated and uses contemporary design elements like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and sleek lighting.

How to Achieve the Modern Farmhouse Look

When designing in modern farmhouse style, look for these features:

dining room

Practicality: Furnishing and accessories should be comfortable and practical. They should welcome you into the room, and nothing should be too precious to use regularly. The room should look like it evolved over time.

A neutral palette: Choose a neutral palette to make the room appear fresh and open. Cool or warm neutrals such as cream, beige, silver and grey all work well and balance natural elements. Keep patterns simple and contemporary and bring depth to the neutral palette with a variety of textures.

kitchen islands

Mixed and matchedMix and match furniture, especially vintage and new. Vintage furniture has authenticity, and new furniture has added comfort and style. Also, mix and match traditional natural elements such as wood with newer ones like stainless steel.

Natural elements: Stick to natural materials as much as possible. Continue in the vein of classic farmhouse by introducing distressed wood in architectural features or furniture, but also use natural fibers, such as cotton, sisal, rattan and wicker, and natural stone.

Modern and industrial touches: Modern or industrial elements help make farmhouse style current. For example, in a modern farmhouse, the apron sink and appliances are more likely to be stainless steel. Introduce industrial-style metal objects like modern lighting fixtures and mid-century modern-style furniture like a teak dining set for their sleek look and feel.

Minimalism: You want to create a cozy, not cluttered, room, so keep accessories to a minimum.

To get the modern farmhouse look,

take the natural elements of farmhouse style and add clean lines, modern home accents and a neutral color palette.

Give your home the relaxed, comfortable touches of a farmhouse with a cool, contemporary vibe.

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Choosing the right dinning table for your space

floor-plan-x6 for custom dining

Dining room furniture can be one of the biggest investments in your interior design budget. What size and style dining set should you buy? High-quality dining tables and chairs can last a generation, so you’ll want to choose carefully for your family’s size and lifestyle. Today’s dining tables might be any style, from rustic planks to colorful, modern chic; even formal designs have lightened up. We’ve put together some helpful tips on measuring your dining room, deciding what size dining table you really need, and finding the right size area rug.

How to measure for a dining room table?

The size and shape of your dining room will influence what type of table you can use. Sketch out your dining room’s dimensions, and note the location of the light fixture – this is where you’ll center the table. Leave about three feet of clear space from the edge of the table to the wall or other furniture, so you can comfortably move chairs in and out. Leftover space can be used for other furniture, such as a buffet or hutch.

Dining tables can be anywhere from 36″ to 60″ wide, so if space is tight, use a narrower table. Just remember, if you need room for serving dishes in the center of the table, a 42″ or wider table is best. If your dining room is square, a large round table can be very stylish. Or, shake up tradition with a large square table that seats two on each side.

If you have a traditional, enclosed dining room, place other furniture (such as a buffet) against the wall first and measure the space that’s left. With a hutch or server in a twelve-foot wide dining room, you’ll have a ten-foot wide area left for your table and chairs. Any table up to 48″ wide will fit perfectly and leave room to move around. A good rule of thumb for finding the maximum table length you can fit is to subtract six feet from the length of your room.

If you have an open-concept floor plan, you won’t have walls in the way. But you’ll still need to center the dining table on the light fixture, and map out table dimensions with three feet of room on either side. Make sure you leave open space for foot traffic too.

Design a dining room that works

Don’t let your dining room sit empty most of the year – make it work for you. Clean, modern upholstered chairs are stylish enough for mix & matching dining, but they also turn your dining table into a comfortable desk area when you need to work at home.

dining furniture in raleigh
dining furniture in raleigh at barstools and dinettes

Mix light-and-airy upholstered chairs with a formal table, and this dining room becomes a serene reading spot:

Extra chairs buffets and hutches or benches are the perfect seating solutions for special occasions – and they can multi-task around the house. If your home is small, use your extra dining chairs as occasional chairs in a bedroom or study. A bench might be the perfect piece for a hallway, or the foot of the bed, ready to be pulled into the dining room when your crowd arrives.

Choose the best dining room rug size

Ideally, dining chairs should sit fully on the rug when people are seated – you don’t want to catch the edge of the rug while pulling up to the table. Look for a dining room area rug that’s at least 24″ larger than the table on all four sides.

A square rug is the perfect way to delineate the dining area if you have a round or square table; add at least 48″ to your table diameter to calculate your rug size.

If your table is oval or rectangular, measure both your room and table, and make a simple sketch with dimensions to work from. You’ll have to do a little math, so grab that calculator! Barstools & Dinettes is going to help you though, don’t worry.

Take your table’s length and width, and add 48″ to each one. Convert inches to feet (just divide by 12) and the result is your ideal rug size. Compare that to your room size to make sure it fits.

floor-plan-x6 for custom dining
An 8×10 rug fits a table up to 48″ wide, and 72″ long – this size typically seats six.

If your table seats eight, but you need to expand it often, a 10×14 rug is probably your best choice.

Most dining tables can seat twelve and still fit on a 10×14 rug. If you decide not to go with a bigger rug because you almost never expand your table, no worries! When you do have a crowd, they’ll be having too much fun to notice your rug is a bit short.

floor-plan-x8 for custom dining
For most tables that seat eight, you’ll want to upsize and buy a rug that’s at least 9×12. Remember, you need 24″ of rug for your chairs to sit on, so don’t skimp! A 90″ Dining Table fits easily on a 9×12 rug,with space to add a leaf.

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Quiz: Which Décor Style Will Make You Feel Right at Home?

Discover how to create a space that’s uniquely you with these fun, but enlightening, questions.

Maybe you recently moved into your first home, or maybe you’re just looking to give it a long overdue update. Either way, figuring out where to start the decorating process can be daunting. The first step? Decide which home décor style best suits your personality—whether you’re completely classic or you gravitate more toward eclectic pieces. This fun quiz will not only help you hone in on a style, but also reveal the types of furniture, paint colors and accent pieces that’ll bring your vision to life. Happy decorating!

What’s your idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon?
Which living room looks most appealing for your next binge-watch marathon?
Your favorite feature of your home or apartment is…
Which bed looks like the ideal place to catch some zzz’s?

It’s your birthday! How are you celebrating?
Which dining room are you hosting your next dinner party in?
How would you describe your significant other (or your ideal future partner)?
Which bathroom looks ideal for a long, hot soak in the tub?

If you chose mostly the top left block

Contemporary Modern 

You’re all about keeping things polished and sleek—including open spaces and plenty of light. Choose neutral colors and add in a little interest with textured and natural fabrics. Invest in pieces with clean lines, and consider using unusual lighting to make a statement. Don’t forget some modern art or black and white photography to make a room pop—

If you chose mostly the top right block

Rustic Farmhouse

 Home is where your heart is, and you’re all about crafting a warm, inviting space for friends and family to enjoy. You favor earthy hues and homey details like ruffles, wallpaper or rough-hewn wood accents. Settle on a soft leather armchair, intricate area rugs and hand-stitched fabrics, like a crocheted blanket or woven throw pillows. Then channel Mother Nature with a palette of brown, tan and ivory.

If you chose mostly the bottom right block

Worldly Eclectic

You’re a free spirit who loves to explore. Create a home base for all  
your treasures with plenty of shelving and wall space for tapestries and tchotkes. Nod to your love for other cultures with exotic patterns and colors anchored by a few grounding neutrals (like a comfy couch or carved wood dining table). Try a palette of earth tones paired with a colorful accent wall—or go all out with bold and bright hues. 

If you chose mostly the bottom left block

Classic Glam

You look to add elegance to every aspect of your life, and you can’t resist a little drama. Fashion a Hollywood-worthy home with tons of light-reflecting and eye-catching materials, like metallics, mirrors and lacquer trim. Try luxe bedding and upholstery in shades of white, gray, cream or black, then add a shot of color with rich jewel tones (hello, blue velvet couch!). Your home will be ready for its close-up.

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Cleaning Vs Sanitizing Vs Disinfecting

What can I do to prevent the coronavirus disease at home? Remind everyone in your household of the importance of practicing everyday preventive actions that can help prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick, except to get medical care.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue.
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects daily (e.g., tables, countertops, light switches, doorknobs, and cabinet handles) using a regular household detergent and water.

Here, we are going to help you properly clean, sanitize and disinfect your quality wood furniture table tops and chairs.

“Cleaning refers to organizing and wiping down surfaces, like countertops, so that they appear neat and spotless.”

“All-purpose cleaners are built to lift and remove visible smudges, spots, stains, and debris from surfaces.” Cleaning products can potentially remove germs from surfaces (along with dirt and other organic material) and wash them away, but the goal of cleaning is about the look and feel.

While cleaners will help make your surfaces look nice and shiny, there are some places at home (like your kitchen counters, faucet handles, chair armrests, and doorknobs) where you want to follow up your cleaning with a sanitizer or a disinfectant. Cleaning by itself won’t kill germs like bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

This coronavirus seems to spread most commonly from person to person via respiratory droplets, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), usually between people who are within about 6 feet (1.8 meters) of each other. Transmission of the virus from contaminated surfaces has not yet been documented, the CDC notes, but current evidence does suggest the virus can remain viable “for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials.”

Sanitizing vs. Disinfecting

The difference between sanitizing and disinfecting comes down to semantics. Both sanitizing and disinfecting aim to reduce the amount of contamination present on a surface by killing germs, but disinfectingby definition—kills more germs than sanitizing. Product manufacturers and agencies like the EPA use the word “sanitizing” to refer to a solution or device that reduces the amount of germs on a surface by 99.9 percent or more—a level that’s considered safe by public health standards. They use the word “disinfecting” for chemical products that are designed to “kill virtually everything” on a surface.

“Sanitizing is necessary for surfaces that come in contact with food.”

You don’t want to skip the step of cleaning before you disinfect, though. Dirt and organic material can make some disinfectants less effective, so cleaning is necessary before disinfecting in most cases. Using “all-in-one” antibacterial cleaners isn’t enough to disinfect unless you first remove visible dirt from the surface (basically, you’d have to clean everything twice).


Acetic acid (a.k.a. white vinegar) can act as a disinfectant that can destroy some bacteria and viruses. … Household natural sanitizers like lemon juice and vinegar reduced the number of pathogens to undetectable levels. Vinegar can inhibit growth of and kill some food-borne pathogenic bacteria.

Vinegar can be used as a safer bleach alternative for some applications, such as cleaning, and research has shown it can be affective against some bacteria and viruses, including the flu. It is also biodegradable. Vinegar is not a registered disinfectant, however, and does not kill dangerous bacteria like staphylococcus.

Soap and water

Regular soap and water clean germs away rather than killing them, but that’s still a key step in reducing infection, the CDC points out. Washing your hands with soap and water is one of the main recommendations for limiting the spread of the novel coronavirus, since it seems to spread primarily from person to person via respiratory droplets, which are often found on our hands and easily transferred to our faces.

man washing hands