Dining Sets

dinette is a part of a room, usually in or near the kitchen, that is used in place of a dining room.  A dining set or dinette set is a small table and set of matching chairs meant to go in the dinette.
A dinette set is Furniture for an indoor informal dining space, usually consisting of chairs and a small table.

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  • kingsdale single pedestal octagonal table in toffee and abby on maple with maimi chairs

    Premium Leg Daniels Amish Table

  • SL1 Leg Table in Brick on Quartersawn White Oak with Peoria Chairs

    SL1 Leg Table in Brick on Quartersawn White Oak with Peoria Chairs

  • SL5 Leg Table in Tersigni and Barn Wood on Distressed Maple with Buckeye Chairs

  • SL3 Leg Tables in old museum on distressed Cherry with Buckeye chairs and extendedly benchy

  • eastchester thick top table in michaels on cherry with adams chairs

    Eastchester thick Top Table in Michaels on Cherry with Adams Chairs

  • Kingsdale Single Pedestal Table in Toffee and Abby on Maple with Miami

    Kingsdale Single Pedestal Table in Toffee and Abby on maple with Miami Chairs

  • Millsdale Double Pedestal Table in Sandalwood on Distressed Maple with Tulip Back Chairs (Sandalwood/Ebony)

    Millsdale double pedestal table in sandalwood on distressed maple with tuplip back chairs (sandalwood/ebony)

  • Galveston Table with Carleton Chairs

    Galveston table with Carleton Chairs

  • Millsdale Double Pedestal Table in Kara and Moke on Cherry with Tampa Chairs

    Milldale double pedestal table in Kara and make on Cherry with tampa chairs

  • CL7 Counter Height Westchester Table in Ebony with Tulip Back Counter Height Chairs

    CL7 HIGH DINING Westchester Table with Tulip Back Chairs

  • high dining sets



  • CD6519-5407 DINETTE

  • CD5357-1108 DINETTE

  • CD5224-1506 DINETTE

  • CD5217-1109 DINETTE

  • CD4127-6256 DINETTE

  • CD4127-2416 DINETTE

  • CD2857-1298 DINETTE

  • Mango Pub Set

  • 500 Pub Set

  • 270 Pub Set

  • 260 Pub Set

  • Wave Oval Pedestal Table

    Sale! 2$ 1$
  • Tango Round Pedestal Table

  • Somerville Round Glass Dining Set

  • Parsons Round Dining Table

  • Ladder Upholstered Round Pedestal Table

  • Wave Upholstered Back Leg Table

  • Wave Leg Table

  • 400 Double Pedestal Laminate Table

  • 400 Round Pedestal Wood Table

  • 400 Rectangle Table with Leaf

  • 400 Round Glass Table

  • 400 Rectangular Trestle Table

  • Tango Rectangle Leg Table

  • Ladder Side Chair 36×60 Leg Table

  • 005 Pedestal Table

  • 400 Round Leg Table

  • Club Round Laminate Pedestal Table

  • M112 Table with Leaf

  • M110 Round Dining Set

  • M110 Octo Laminate Table

  • M110 Round Cracked Glass Table

  • M110 Table with Leaf

  • M90 Table with Leaf

  • M70 Formica Clipped Corner Table

  • M70 Round Cracked Glass Table

  • M70 Rectangle Cracked Glass Table

  • M60 Laminate Table with Leaf

  • M60 Rectangular Glass Table

  • M60 Round Cracked Glass Table

  • Coco Round Pedestal Table

  • Classic Round Cracked Glass Table

  • Classic Double Pedestal Base Table

  • Barrel Double Pedestal Octo Table

  • 400 Double Pedestal Table

  • 400 Round Pedestal Table

  • 280 Trestle Table

  • 280 Round Glass Pedestal Dining Table

  • 280 Italian Pedestal Glass Table

  • 270 Glass Pedestal Table

  • 265 TOBIAS DESIGNS Pedestal Table

  • 265 TOBIAS DESIGNS Leg Table

  • 260 TOBIAS DESIGNS Pedestal Dining Set

  • 260 TOBIAS DESIGNS Cracked Glass Dining set

  • 236 TOBIAS DESIGNS Double Pedestal Table

  • 235 TOBIAS DESIGNS Rectangle Laminate Table

  • 220 TOBIAS DESIGNS Oval Pedestal Table

  • 220 TOBIAS DESIGNS Round Pedestal Table

  • 260 TOBIAS DESIGNS Trestle Table

  • 270 TOBIAS DESIGNS Low Back Double Pedestal Table with leaf

  • Mango TOBIAS DESIGNS Trestle Table with Leaf

  • 1000 TOBIAS DESIGNS Double Pedestal Table

  • Classic Oval TOBIAS DESIGNS Pedestal Table

  • Mango Tobias Designs Pedestal Table

  • 270 Tobias Designs High Back Pedestal Table

  • 260 Tobias Designs Round Pedestal Table

  • W226 Tobias Designs Pedestal Table

  • W226 Tobias Designs Leg Table

  • M111 Tobias Designs Leg Table

  • M110 Tobias Designs Leg Table

  • W236 Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • Montego Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • Mango Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • M112 Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • M111 Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • M110 Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • M107 Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • M90 Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • M80 Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • M70 Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • M60 Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • M19 Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • M09 Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • M08 Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • Jesse Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • Coco Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • Club Tobias Designs Castor Chair

  • Classic Tobias Designs Castor Chair

Showing 1–100 of 292 results