Counter & Bar Height Dining

Counter & Bar Height Dining

Elevate Your Dining Experience

While standard height tables and chairs bring a sense of cozy comfort to a dining room, taller options lend a feeling of friendly informality that is desirable to many people. Adding a pub tableor other higher dining surface blurs the line between sitting and standing and makes conversation between people at both heights easier and more informal. Guests are more at ease joining or leaving a conversation that is taking place at a standing height. These higher styles of furniture also appear to take up less room than they do, which can work well for small spaces. Bar-height tables are generally smaller in size and are a great option for small dining areas. At Barstools& Dinettes, we carry a full selection of counter and bar height tables for our Raleigh clients. Bring in your dinning room or breakfast area dimensions and allow us to help you choose the correct size along with other options that will work best for your home and style.

Create a Casual Space with Your Custom Counter or Bar Height Table

A counter-height dining table is usually between 35 and 37 inches tall and requires a stool with a seat that is between 24 and 26 inches. In contrast, bar-height stools have a seat between 29 and 31 inches and work well with 41- to 43-inch surfaces. A counter or bar height stool can be backless, or come in one of several styles with back support. Smaller pub-style tables are also available in adjustable heights for rooms where you may need to use them for differing occasions.

Visit our Showroom or Call us to Explore Seating Options in all Shapes and Sizes

Whether you need a couple stools or would like to buy a whole table and seating set, our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you find styles that work well for your individual needs at competitive prices. Bring in your dining area dimensions or give our Raleigh team a call at 919-787-6680 for more information.