Callee Inc.’s product line of furniture features top quality styling with many fabric and finish options to choose from. Callee Inc.'s products feature:

Durable 16-gauge Steel Construction

Full Dimension Wood/Cut Metal Profile

Full Weld Joints

Non-Toxic Powder Coat Finishes

High Density Poly Urethane Cushions

Trendler USA Made Swivel (Lifetime Warranty*)

Each item is custom made to ensure they are built to top quality. CALLEE Inc. strives for luxury styling, reliable products, and comfort in each product

Hand selected vinyl, fabric, and microfiber options to accompany our USA made polyurethane foam cushions.


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  • Valencia CALLEE Caster Dining Set

  • Rochester CALLEE Caster Dining Set

  • Laguna CALLEE Caster Dining Set

  • Daytona CALLEE Caster Dining Set

  • Charleston CALLEE Caster Dining Set

  • Burnet CALLEE Caster Dining Set

  • Bailey CALLEE Backless

  • Baldwin CALLEE STOOL

  • Chrysler CALLEE Backless STOOL


  • Portville callee Pub Set

  • Arcadia Backless

    Arcadia Backless callee stool

  • Bailey

    Bailey callee stool

  • Americana

    Americana callee stool

  • Americana Backless

    Americana Backless callee stool

  • Arcadia

    Arcadia callee stool

  • Winland

    Winland callee stool

  • Albany

    Albany callee stool

  • Washington

    Washington callee stool

  • Winford

    Winford Callee stool

  • Baldwin Backless

    Baldwin Backless callee stool

  • Walton

    Walton Callee Stool

  • Walton Backless

    Walton Backless Callee Stool

  • Texas

    Texas Callee Stool

  • Valencia

    Valencia Callee Stool

  • Valencia Backless

    Valencia Backless Callee STool

  • Sonoma

    Sonoma Callee Stool

  • Sunset

    Sunset Callee STool

  • Seattle

    Seattle Callee Stool

  • Sevilla

    Sevilla Callee Stool

  • Soho Backless

    Soho Backless Callee STool

  • Rochester Backless

    Rochester Backless Callee Stool

  • Salima

    Salima Callee sTool

  • Rebecca

    Rebecca Callee Stool

  • Rochester

    Rochester Callee Stool

  • Madison

    Madison Callee Stool

  • Malibu

    Malibu Callee Stool

  • Portville

    Portville Callee Stool

  • Longhorn

    Longhorn Callee Stool

  • Madena

    Madena Callee Stool

  • Laguna

    Laguna Callee Stool

  • London

    London Callee Stool

  • Lone Star

    Lone Star Callee Stool

  • Hayward

    Hayward Callee Stool

  • Hayward Backless

    Hayward Backless Callee Stool

  • Hamlet Callee Stool

  • Edison

    Edison Callee Stool

  • Fairview

    Fairview Callee STool

  • Dunhill

    Dunhill Callee Stool

  • Durant

    Durant Callee Stool

  • Daytona


  • Daytona Backless

    Daytona Callee Backless

  • Barrel

    Barrel callee stool

  • Berkeley

    Berkeley callee stool

  • Bogart Flex

    Bogart Flex callee stool

  • Bristol

    Bristol callee stool

  • Bristol Backless

    Bristol Backless callee stool

  • Burnet

    Burnet Calee Stool

  • Burnet Backless

    Burnet Backless callee stool

  • Carolina

    Carolina callee stool

  • Charleston

    Charleston callee stool

  • Charleston Backless

    Charleston Backless callee stool

  • Claremont


  • Claremont Backless

    Claremont Backless

  • Malibu Pub Set

    Malibu Callee Pub Set

  • Seattle Pub Set

    Seattle Callee Pub Set

  • Berkeley Pub Set

    Berkeley Callee Pub Set

  • Bristol Pub Set

    Bristol Callee Pub Set

  • Burnet Pub Set

    Burnet Callee Pub Set

  • Charleston Pub Set

    Charleston Callee Pub Set

  • Daytona Pub Set

    Daytona Calle Pub Set

  • Laguna Pub Set

    Laguna Callee Pub Set

  • Charleston Armchair

    Charleston Armchair

  • Salima STA Chair

    Salima STA Chair

  • Rebecca Arm Chair

    Rebecca Arm Chair

  • Sunset Armchair

    Sunset Armchair

  • Washington Armchair

    Washington Arm Chair

  • Winford STA Chair

    Winford STA Chair

  • Placeholder

    Arcadia Side Chair

  • Bristol Side Chair

    Bristol Side Chair

  • Durant STA Chair

    Durant STA Chair

  • London STA Chair

    London Swivel Tilt Arm Chair

  • Maden AST Chair

    Maden Swivel Tilt Chair

  • Hayward Arm Chair

    Hayward Arm Chair

  • Grace Castor Chair

    Grace Castor Arm Chair

  • Madison STA Chair

    Madison Swivel Tilt Arm Chair

  • Malibu Side Chair

    Malibu Side Chair

  • Dunhill STA Chair

    Dunhill STA Chair

Showing all 88 results