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Barstools & Dinettes is a specialty furniture store that has been family owned and operated since 1983. Our Kitchen, Dining Room and Bar furniture showroom has over 450 different styles of dining sets, tables, chairs, hutches, bars and barstools on display, all made in the USA.  We have expert staff knowledgeable about the furniture industry, current trends and manufacturer options and design.  With over 120 years combined staff experience, we are able to provide you with expert guidance on what custom features would fit the style you are going for, and what the best options are for you, based on your custom needs and expectations. 

Our kitchen & dining options are all available for custom ordering.  This includes but is not limited to our kitchen & dining room furniture like:  Pub sets, Free standing bars,  Islands,  Buffets & Hutches,  tables, chairs and more. We believe quality wood and metal furniture should complement and accent your existing style while also enhancing the practical storage capacity of your living or dining area.

If you are searching for furniture that you only buy once, because it is made to last, then you need to check out what Barstools and Dinettes has to offer.  We are eager and willing to show you our novelty unique barstool collection and guide you on your customer journey.



Shop small pub tables, dinettes, kitchen tables, & more!





Shop Dining Chairs, Arm Chairs, Accent Chairs, Side Chairs and more!



Shop Dining Chairs, Arm Chairs, Accent Chairs, Side Chairs and more!

Every home is different. People live in apartments, retirement homes, small houses, townhouses, condos, mansions, barns, etc.. But the one thing we all have in common is that we all need dining furniture to have a place to eat our meals and play cards.

At Barstools & Dinettes we find joy in helping you customize your dining experience by offering both our residential and commercial customers  quality dining furniture that is made to last a lifetime.  We are located on Glenwood Ave in Raleigh North Carolina, where we have been serving customers custom dining experiences for more than 34 years.  We have the largest selection of custom barstools, custom dining sets, custom chairs, custom tables, custom barware, and now custom outdoor dining in the Raleigh area, sold at everyday low prices with the help of our exceptional customer service professionals.  We also carry Dining Room and Kitchen Storage furniture like Sideboards, Buffets, Hutches, Islands, Carts and more.  We are the first place you should shop at on Glenwood Ave and the last place, because we will help and guide you from start to finish and make sure you go home with exactly what you came out looking for. 

By partnering with the most reliable and affordable manufacturers in the USA, we are able to carry and stock the best quality furniture made for dining & entertaining.   All of the products we carry and stock are made right here in the USA, and are at the best prices.   No need to shop around, although we don’t mind if you do because you will see, we have the best products at the best prices.  If it’s not in our showroom, we can custom order what you need.



Shop Dining Chairs, Arm Chairs, Accent Chairs, Side Chairs and more!



Shop Counter Height, Bar Height, Spectator Height, Adjustable, Custom Stools!



Shop upholstered, wood, metal and custom benches!

If you’re thinking about incorporating your own personal style in your home but aren’t sure how to do that, we have the answer: Customize your furniture!  Almost all of our products have custom options.  Simply, request a quote for that list of products and have a specialist contact you to start the personal design process. From endless customized dining options to bold upholstery choices, you’ll find a lot of design power is in your hands here at Homemakers.

Our custom furniture is built just for you with a nearly limitless selection of style, wood, finish, hardware, and size choices.  Our kitchen & dining options are all available for custom ordering, this includes but is not limited to Pub sets, Free standing bars,  Islands,  Buffets & Hutches,  tables, chairs and more! Choose from Solid Cherry, Oak, Maple or Pine. We offer over 30 stain or paint colors & your choice of finish color. 

We work with over 40 manufacturers all who offer custom options to make your new furniture fit your style perfectly.  When shopping our catalog, know that every product has custom options.  Your custom options are limitless but different, depending on the brand.  That’s why we encourage you to speak to one of our showroom experts to guide you in what your options are for what you are shopping for. 

Featured Custom Options:

Daniels Amish uses a custom dining design tool.  Using this design tool, you can preview the broad selection of tables, chairs, buffets, and hutches and then customize them to match your decor.  Choose from 50 finishes on 5 North American hardwoods along with leg styles, table shapes, edges, chair fabrics, and more.  Click the category below to get started!  Check out the hardware options, finishing options, fabrics options. And more at their dining design tool

Canadel offers llimitless custom options for barstools, tables, chairs, benches and more.  From Fabrics to Fnishes, you can customize just about any piece of dining room, kitchen furniture.  You can visit the Canadel udesign showroom for the collections we carry here.



Shop small pub tables, dinettes, kitchen tables, & more!

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Owning a hospitality establishment like a restaurant means more than serving food to hungry customers. It is a complete dining experience, where people enjoy the wonderful food and the pleasing atmosphere in the restaurant and the furnishings invite them to sit down a stay for a while.

Restaurant furniture has to be suitable for the space of the restaurant, be comfortable for the diners and capture the essence of the style of food you will be serving. At Barstools & Dinettes in Raleigh North Carolina, we have restaurant furniture that will fit in perfectly with your style and decor.

Do you own a restaurant with a bar? We have the perfect barstool at the correct height where people can sit comfortably at your bar toasting the evening away.

Do you own a casual bistro? Check out our sturdy and beautiful pub tables and pub chairs; perfect seating for your patrons as they enjoy a small, delicious meal with friends after work.

Our restaurant furniture, tables and chairs are designed to fit into every room configuration so you can place in the most seating while still allowing enough room to move about for a natural flow to the room.

At Barstools and Dinettes, we only offer restaurant furnishings made of the highest quality materials that can handle the large number of people sitting and dining in your restaurant for hours on a daily basis. Your customers will sit with complete comfort during their dining experience, and will enjoy their time and spend more in your establishment.




Shop small pub tables, dinettes, kitchen tables, & more!

Color Combinations

Custom color combinations are a cinch with Finch. Order your favorite sports team colors, match your home’s exterior or coordinate with your garden theme.

Durable Components

316 grade stainless steel fasteners give optimum rust resistance even in salt water exposure. And our unique floating frame design allows normal expansion and contraction needed for poly lumber.

Minimal Face Screws

All seating surfaces are free of unsightly and uncomfortable screw heads. 95% of screw heads are hidden on the underside or back of the piece.

Mortis & Tenon Joinery

Mortis and tenon joints have been long respected in the fine furniture industry. The tradition continues in our recycled outdoor furniture.

Profiled Edges

All face edges are smoothly profiled for comfort and tasteful appearance.

Weather Resistant

Forget decay, discoloring, and mold. Finch poly furniture is engineered to withstand the elements of all four seasons and some of the harshest elements of nature: sand, sun and salt.








Shop small pub tables, dinettes, kitchen tables, & more!


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